• Stellar Impact Stellar Impact Game by Tindalos Interactive
  • Foot2rue Extreme Foot2rue Extreme Visual effects by Tindalos Interactive
  • Etherium Etherium Game by Tindalos Interactive
  • Bunker Constructor Bunker Constructor Game by Tindalos Interactive


Tindalos Interactive is an independant video games studio located in Paris and created in may 2010. We are specialized in PC games but also in the rendering and compositing of 3D images.

Video games
Our objective is to develop gamers oriented games, with great graphics quality and to take special care to innovate with new gameplay mechanics. Our first game, Stellar Impact, a sci-fi MOBA, was published by Headup Games and is available through Steam since 2012/04/12. We are currently working on Etherium, a large scale real-time strategy game set in a futuristic universe, published by Focus Home Interactive and set to be released in 2014.

Being passionate about images, we have created a Visual Effects division to express this passion through different media. We are currently working on the rendering, lighting and compositing of the 3D animated series Foot 2 Rue Extreme, for Télé images Productions. It is pre-purchased by France Télévisions (for France 3), Lagardère (for Gulli and Canal J), Rai Fiction (for Rai2 and Gulp) and broadcast will start in 2014.


Video games

- Modeling (high poly / low poly / sculpt)
- Animation (characters / vehicles / robots…)

- Texturing (realistic / stylized / cartoon…)
- Design (characters / vehicles / environment / props...)
- Visual identity / logos / marketing documents…

- Unity 3D all types of real-time scenes (games / architecture…)

- Gamedesign documents conception
- Level design (creation and developpement)
- Scenarios / dialogues / background

- Gameplay (all kinds of games)
- Path finding
- Real-time camera
- Artificial intelligence
- Ports (to PC / consoles / handheld devices…)

Visual effects (cinema / advertisement / 3D series / architecture…)
- Lighting, rendering
- Compositing
- Special effects (smoke / explosions...)
- Editing